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Social Media & SEO


By now, many of you are probably aware of how powerful social media is, especially for your business. The problem is however, where do you find the time?

When social media platforms are managed properly, they can be powerful for retention and new growth.  KP Designs has been assisting, managing and teaching small businesses throughout Connecticut for over 10 years. We pride ourselves as a teaching agency, so you can not only understand our process, but see it work in action.  

“We believe that our customers should be involved in the development of their marketing plans and goals.”

The next step is a free consultation and overview of your current social media presence and usage.  Contact us today for more information and a free social media audit.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to help improve your website’s ranking in Google for keywords and phrases your potential customers search in order to find your business. 

SEO is one of the most important investments you can do for your website, whether new or existing.  Google and other search engines continue to change the way they prioritize websites and their pages.  Simply having a website up and running is no longer enough to get on the first page of google for results.  In fact, many web designers do their customers a disservice by not telling them how important SEO is. 

“Your website will need SEO in place for it to have any chance to compete with competitors for the first page slot.”

KP Designs can provide SEO services for every type of business looking to gain more online traffic.  Contact us for a free SEO audit as well as go over a potential plan that will work for your needs and wants.